Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Really, Apple?!?

I posted this on Apple's Discussion board about 20 minutes ago. It lasted there all of 5 minutes before the moderator killed the post. I'd repost it but I'd like to remain in the good graces of Apple as a developer. Not sure if that'll happen, though, since they are a bit heavy-handed at times. Anyway, here's that post:
Has everyone here drank the Kool-Aid? Just when I was about to buy a MB Pro, you, Apple, come up with a way to make growing my device as my needs or budget changes impossible? Further, the one place I was willing to shell out the bucks up front was for the 17" display and you stop selling the model? I'm more than likely going to buy a used 17" MB Pro now rather than purchase a new device that I have to pay up front for the max memory and storage I can imagine using as I move from .NET development to iOS development. 

Oh, and let's look at the use case for a professional developer in a business environment. No ethernet port? Really? So, if I want to develop then I'm supposed to forego portability and only work in the office on a Mac Pro? Or do you think I should own two, extremely expensive devices so that I can take the show on the road? What, exactly, is a professional developer's rig supposed to be? 

Thanks, Apple!
I had missed that  Apple is keeping around the older form factor of 15" MacBook Pro. That does allow an Enterprise solution. Not sure I'm on board with the direction Apple is going, though.

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